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Cards Matter

I am becoming a card sender. For a few months now I have been in the habit of sending birthday cards to friends. We all know how easily good habits are broken so I must guard against delinquency. Thanks to Facebook (unsocial media has its uses) I am able to discover friend's birthdays and send cards to those for whom I have an address. There is also the church bulletin that displays parish birthdays of the week. When I prepare cards for either church or Facebook people I also add them to my calendar. Yes, I am being organized about this; it's the only way succeed. 
The reason I know that cards matter is that since I started this card campaign a few months ago I have actually received three thank you notes from happy recipients as well as verbal thanks.  That's quite an encouraging response which fortifies my resolve to send more cards. Many of you letter writers are accustomed to receiving friendly envelopes adorned with sealing wax but for those who are unaccustomed to s…

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