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Book Review and Give Away

Mary & Me: A Lasting Link Through Ink is "A story of friendship that withstands time, distance, and all the joy and heartache that life can offer." Co-authored by Mary Potter Kenyon and Mary Jedlicka Humston, Mary & Me is an engaging and enjoyable read. Each chapter deals with a different topic and offers an essay by each Mary and a guest. Reading through this book one gets the feeling of being invited into a friendship as the authors write with honesty and vulnerability. As I read I sometimes felt envious of Mary and Mary's friendship as maintained through letters. That their hearts are intertwined is evident from the beginning of the book and glimpsing the variety of issues their letters discuss was inspiring and left me longing for such correspondence. Mary & Me is a worthy read that I would like to pass along.

Yes, this is a give away.  I'd like the recipient to receive this by Christmas which means I should mail this book out no later than the 14th.…

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