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This Week in the Mail: The World in My Mail Box

Yesterday's mail held two postcards from England, each offering encouraging words. Anna sent me a Bronteland postcard which is very fitting as she is the one who first introduced me to the literary greats named Charlotte, Emily, and Anne. Naturally, I had known of them for some time but had never read them until Anna sent me a lovely little leather-bound edition of  Jane Eyre. She had found it in a charity shop and I suspected at once that English charity shops are far superior to their American cousins. I have never had such a prized find in our local thrift store though I did recently find a Queen Anne tea cup made in England (I always check for that especially). 
This is the sort of place I frequently visit in books. Most of my travel consists of reading, you know. 
The next postcard came from Stefan whom I first had the pleasure of meeting yesterday. His encouraging note came on an Impressions of the New Forest post card. 
An internet search led me to The New Forest website w…

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