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Something Old, Something New.

Kingsburg has a new coffee shop called Kuppa Joy. I believe I mentioned Kuppa Joy some months back when friends and I went for coffee in Old Town Clovis. I can now park myself in this delightful place in my very own town. Thursday is my regular day off work and has thus become my post office day. It struck me today as a wonderful idea that I could get my mail then read it over a cup of coffee. I even brought paper so that I might write a letter or two as well. This may turn into a tradition that could help me stay on track with my letter writing with the added benefit of curbing my reclusive tendencies.

Is this not the prettiest latte you’ve ever seen?

In last week's mail I received something old, something new, not quite borrowed but beautifully blue. A long time pen friend thinned out his collection of Parkers and sent me this:

I was speechless. I could hardly believe it. Talk about a dropped jaw. This is my very first Parker 51 and it’s a delightful pen. It writes smoothly and…

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