A Good Mail Day & Passing It On

Being out of state translates into being without mail and I had a sense of getting back to normal when I returned to my mail box where happiness awaited me. Not only did I have letters, I had a Christmas in July package. What fun! Thank you, Limner; you will be getting a letter from me soon!

I love the idea of Christmas in July...not that I ever would have thought of it myself, but Limner's just a tad bit more creative than I am. Okay, she's streaks ahead of me in that area.

Look what I got! It's a book of postcards. My next stamp purchase will be postcard stamps. It's too bad the USPS doesn't offer a wider variety of the 34 cent model.

I receive the occasional postcard but I rarely send one out myself. That's going to change now because I have to send out these postcards. I have a feeling I'm going to be using spare mental time thinking up short postcards sized messages to send to people. My aim will be affirming, encouraging messages. I like that goal. It will be like passing Limner's kindness along. What fun!


  1. oh yes limner is bunches of fun and how lovely of her to send you those Christmas in july pkgs those are so nice ...well not much else to say take care and may the Good Lord watch over you and yours .

  2. There is nothing better than finding your mailbox full of goodness, especially when it's from Limnerville.

    1. Anna, you give some of the best gifts ever. Thanks for being a good pen friend too. You and Sonja are two of a kind. :)

  3. Oh, Mrs. Duffy! I'm so pleased. You like them! I chose each gift with careful thought, in an attempt to match the personality with the recipient. I like those postcards and I've received them from pen friends in return. Thanks for letting me know yours made it safely. You put the icing on today's cake. :)


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