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Happy 4th, a Personal Note, and a Presidential Letter

As you might have noticed I have been away from blogging for a little while. I never intended to go on leave but life took some unexpected turns...well mainly one unexpected turn...our friend COVID came for an extended stay. Prior to this my posts had not been as regular as before mainly because I was working more. It's remarkable what one extra work day per week can do to and for a person. Then came along our said friend and when a co-worker decided to shelter in place and I agreed to take her days until this passed. And then it didn't. What initially was supposed to be a few weeks has turned into an indefinite situation and I have gone full time permanently. That was quite an adjustment for this homebody with the result that I have abandoned all but two hobbies, not including letter writing. (Would that be a hobby or more of something one does because they're human like brushing their teeth in the morning?) All this has resulted in Mrs. Duffy being forced into something …

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