For the Love of Red

I gathered my letter writing supplies, most of which I keep in a floral gift bag which reminds me of my friends, and snuggled in with a candle and a cup of coffee. Yes, I use a Christmas mug in July. I'm attached. I needed to write a letter of appreciation to my aunt and uncle who hosted the wonderful party I wrote about in my last post. I chose the stationery set I made using 100% cotton Southworth business paper and a handmade envelope from a handmade template I traced from a disassembled envelope. I just love crisp white cotton paper and, like a good white blouse, it goes with everything! I wrote with Private Reserve Arabian Rose ink because I thought my aunt would appreciate the loveliness of the color. For my own pleasure I paired it with my red Bexley fountain pen. Things are better when they match...I'm sure of it. As I arranged my things to take the picture I realized I had a theme going. RED! 

My standard sealing wax is classic goes with everything somehow. For Christmas I gave my husband a beautiful red lighter along with a pipe. He rarely smokes so I've "borrowed" his lighter for melting wax. My aunt has a keen eye for color which is evidenced in her beautifully decorated home so she will probably notice that the ink and seal match. She'll probably also notice that the envelope is a bit warbly from too much glue but I'm sure she'll forgive me.


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