Getting Beyond Good Intentions

Staying connected with people is challenging if you want more than social networking through the internet. My husband and I attempt to keep in touch with a couple we know by inviting them to dinner every now and then. We've had great times together and they are gracious, loving people. This time, unfortunately, they had to postpone our dinner plans and gave a promise to call when things settle down. Being the queen of good intentions myself, I've learned that if a plan is proposed a date has to be put on the calendar then and there or said plan will forever remain a good intention. To increase the likelihood of getting together soon I put a card in the mail that same day to communicate how we look forward to seeing them soon. 
I had received this Anna Griffin card set as a gift some time ago and it's perfect for short notes. I wasn't sure I liked the notion of flat cards at first but they've grown on me because I always feel that I have to fill up the given space when writing a letter or note. Sometimes I don't have a lot to say and I just want to send a short message. This note card says, "Keep it short, Dear," and it was the perfect thing to express hopes of dinner. I find that people take letters and cards more seriously than emails and I am confident that we will soon be hearing from our friends and that we really will be getting together soon. My hopes are high that our plan will become more than a good intention.

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