A Word on Envelope Templates

In the last post I wrote about making envelopes and Peony inquired where I get templates for envelopes and liners.  Happily, my source is available to anyone and at a low cost. Find any envelope you'd like to use as a pattern, carefully disassemble it, and voila! A template! Just trace it onto card stock or a manilla folder if it requires large paper and cut it out.  In the picture below I used an envelope liner. I made the liner template by tracing the side of the envelope which is slightly smaller than the top flap and eyeballed the rest. If you look carefully you'll notice that the liner doesn't match up with the envelope perfectly but it's close enough to get a passing grade. It also looks like the part I eyeballed, the part that goes inside the envelope, didn't turn out perfectly straight but it's only on the inside and probably won't be noticed. Tip: when gluing the liner inside the envelope, glue inside the flap that folds down and then if you wish to glue the bottom section, do so only after folding down the flap. This will prevent anything wonky from happening when the envelope is closed. Always use glue sparingly or you could end up with some interesting waves in the paper. So, go make a template and have fun!

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