Incoming Mail

I recently received a letter from The Missive Maven herself. As anyone who follows her blog knows, The Maven is known for mail art and vintage stamps. I want to show off the envelope I received from her. The stamps are the art. 
These stamps are BEAUTIFUL. They are works of art. My favorite is the one posted below of the woman writing a letter. Below is the caption, "Letters mingle souls." Not only is that a great slogan, it should be the result of meaningful correspondence. When we write letters we impart something of ourselves to others that can not be imparted electronically. Much more is involved in handwritten letters than in "digital grams": the choice of stationery, ink, stamps and more importantly, words. Written communication requires more investment of thought, caring and resources than does firing off an email or posting a tweet from one's cell phone. We really do give of ourselves when we write letters.
Not only did The Missive Maven give of herself, she also gave of her stamps which she inherited from her grandfather with instruction to enjoy them. I notice that generous souls enjoy giving things away.

Receiving this letter with it's charming contents was a delightful moment of my day. I enjoy receiving letters as much as I enjoy sending them, but don't we all. Reflecting on this lovely letter I realize one thing I can improve on is making each letter a gift bearer. We all enjoy small gifts and I want my letter recipients to experience the same enjoyment I did. I'll have to be on the look out for small tokens of thoughtfulness to enclose in each envelope I send. Thank you Missive Maven for your letter and for your inspiration.


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