Put Down That Feather Duster!

I was doing housework when my daughter came in with the day's mail. Knowing my mail priorities, she brought the letter to me immediately. Always ready to drop what I'm doing to read a letter (and always ready to drop housework for any reason ) I put down my feather duster and opened the blue envelope. It was sealed with a sparkly dolphin sticker, a sign of what was to come. The letter was written on blue, nautically themed paper that gave me a pleasant feeling just to look at. The real treat, of course, was the content of the letter.  The sender is a penpal who writes regularly. What makes this correspondence relationship especially enjoyable is that I actually get to see her once or twice a week. She knows my love of stationery and always writes her letters on pretty, cute, or otherwise interesting paper. I consider this to be thoughtfulness on her part. Now to set aside more housework and write a letter!

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