More Than a Card

I happily return to letter writing after a whole week of a lonely pen. The occasion of immediate need is a friend's loss.  In the past I've sent sympathy cards that were printed specially for those occasions. They typically say "With Sympathy" on the front and have comforting words printed inside. Finding sympathy cards I feel comfortable sending has been a challenge. I find most cards to be overly flowery and too unlike anything I would ever say on my own. I've had better success with packaged sets of cards rather than individual ones from the card rack because, though they are more generic, the sentiments expressed tend to closer resemble my own.

When my friend lost his sister to an extended illness I went not to my collection of sympathy cards but to my blank cards. He had likely received many sympathy cards before I dusted off my pen and I knew he would have no lack of sympathy and well-wishing. I desired to send him a personal message even though the greeting card poets might make a better expression of kindness. I wanted to do more than sign my name to somebody else's thoughts; I wanted to share something of myself. That card might have been received by now and I hope the short letter I wrote inside will be found meaningful. I meant every word.

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