An Unexpected Benefit

As I stood chatting with a group of friends, the subject of letter writing came up. One of the girls made a light hearted comment about me being a victorian lady, something I took to be a compliment.  I told her I would write her a letter and the next day I fulfilled my promise. I wrote to her of my high regard for her as being a beautiful woman both inside and out. To make the quality of the letter equal to my regard, I worked to make the letter beautiful in word and appearance. Today when I saw her I was greeted with a hug of thanks. She expressed how wonderful it was to receive a letter, giving me the impression she had not received a personal, handwritten letter in quite some time. This was expected, and is in part why I write letters to friends. What was not expected was the effect it had on her young daughter. The girl, at just the age for loving to write notes to friends, was impressed by my handwriting and has been practicing  her cursive ever since. Talking about cursive with my friend and her daughter, I was reminded that not only is letter writing a lost art, so is cursive. Beautiful, legible handwriting is not valued today as it once was and perhaps, through letter writing and applying myself to beauty of appearance as well as content, I can make a small contribution to the restoration of both. I am encouraged that there is now one more child aspiring to beautiful writing.

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