Writing Readiness

I sit each morning at my window overlooking the back yard. Coffee in hand I read a little from the Bible then sit quietly. After thinking on the passage just read a variety of thoughts pass through my mind.  Some of them recall memories, some speak of what the day holds for me, and some will have faces. The thoughts with faces are usually followed by other thoughts of sending a note to that person letting them know they were thought of that morning. Sometimes I think of some encouragement I'd like to give them; perhaps the passage I just read reminds me of them for some reason or perhaps I simply enjoy a pleasant memory we share.

I continue to sit, enjoying the coffee, the quiet, and the overgrown yard that seems so full of life even in the autumn. After the coffee is finished I move on with my day still intending to send that note. Later in the day my memory fades and I forget just who I had thought of and what I had meant to say. Today I took a step toward remedying this neglect. I put together a writing readiness basket. It contains my journal and a couple sets of blank cards. The basket is in reach of my chair and my plan is to write notes to people as they come to mind. Habits take time to develop (I'm told only 21 days) so I won't feel too bad if I don't meet with immediate success, but I have high hopes of improvement.

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