A Letter From Sweden

I had been expecting a letter from Sweden because Lennart told me he would send one. I was therefore not surprised to find a letter from Sweden in my post box the other day but I was, however, absolutely delighted. The delight was partially due to fulfilled anticipation, and partially due to the beautiful stamp attached to the letter. I had not noticed this before, but I like stamps. Naturally, I keep envelopes and and their stamps along with the letters they contain but now I am toying with the idea of starting a collection of the stamps I receive and putting them in a book. The trouble, however, with that idea is that I will never want to remove the stamps from the envelopes they came attached to. 
Take a closer look at the stamp. It is gorgeous! It is also a special commemorative stamp honoring the marriage of Princess Victoria. I am quite certain that when I go to the post office to mail my return letter on Monday I will not find a suitable rival for this stamp. But then, when is the last time we had a royal wedding in the United States?


Lennart made mention of Margaret Shepherd's "Art of the Handwritten Note" and I wondered why on earth I did not own a copy of it. I went then to Amazon.com where I found a copy of "The Art of the Personal Letter" by the same author. Intending to be more frugal this year than in the past I searched for a used copy and was quite pleased to find one for 96 cents. With $4 shipping I still got a bargain. This book may just start a new collection of letter writing books. If I continue to find books at this price they will be well within budget; and being within budget will surely aid my pursuit of more books.

Thank you, Lennart, for the letter, the inspiration, and the beautiful stamp! 


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