Looking Forward

This last year held some small but delightful changes for me. Okay, perhaps "change" isn't the best word. Addition is a better word but that will just make you think I had a baby (I didn't). For the first time ever I opened a P.O. Box and threw out my address to the world in search of new friends. I'm thankful for my new friends and enjoy them. I only hope the satisfaction is mutual. Also, in search of a way to fund my kids' debate expenses I found Paperly and joined up. We'll see how that goes. I'm feeling hopeful.  Perhaps I'll do stationery reviews now and then. 

The arrival of a new year inevitably makes me take inventory and make plans, or at least form hopes. In the coming year I plan to continue the letter writing adventure and get to know my new friends better and hopefully gain a few more. I also intend to waste less time and read and write more. I am not making resolutions about X number of letters or books per week or month because I know in advance that I will not keep those resolutions. I only resolve to make the small reformations that could have a large impact on those things and through small changes bring good results.

Oh yes, praying more would be good too :o).

What do you want and hope for the coming year? Do you take spiritual inventory or set goals? I think most of us do. Write me a letter about it. I would love to hear from you.

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