A Special Place to Write

Many of you letter writers out there are settled into a comfortable routine of writing. You have a certain setting and time from which you build and maintain relationships through the handwritten word. I have yet to achieve such a routine. Though I write consistently, my practices vary. So much for being the creature of habit I think of myself as being. One note will be written here, another there. Practice depends on season. During the Christmas season I preferred to write in view of the Christmas tree though my red chair with a view of the back yard is favorite spot all year long. Sometimes I curl up on the sofa in the family room because I enjoy the activity and presence of my husband and children. Rarely do I write away from home. Home is the best place to be at all times, so why would I want to write elsewhere, except possibly for the lure of coffee?

I've been corresponding with friend who is out of state for a couple months and receiving her letter a few days ago I had the urge to bring my pen and paper downtown. We have a charming bakery here in Kingsburg and I thought how lovely it would be to write a letter over a cup of coffee and a sweet treat in one of my favorite places to be outside of my home. I found that writing in such a setting was the next best thing to having my friend with me at the bakery. In fact, it was easy to imagine her across the table enjoying a cup of coffee with me. No doubt this kindled my warm feelings toward her as I shared my thoughts and inquired about hers. While it may be impractical to often write from anywhere but home, conversing with my friend over a cup of coffee is a moment I hope to recapture.

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