And the Long Distance Winner Is...

The letter that has traveled the furthest to date came from Kathleen in Queensland, Australia. Not only did Kathleen send me a lovely letter but also an open letter to share with you and a stash of goodies. Thank you, Kathleen! I will be sending you a letter soon!

I really enjoyed the stickers of the animals from Australia but the bumper sticker was probably the funnest enclosure. In case you can't see it through the glare, it says, "GIRLS can do anything." She also sent along a pencil with the Australian flag but unfortunately it didn't survive the postal equipment. Nice thought, though.

When I inquired of Google regarding the distance from California to Queensland,  as a matter of curiosity I searched directions from Kingsburg to Oakey. They are really quite funny and involve kayaking across the Pacific. Google has me drive up to Seattle and Kayak to Hawaii, then to Japan and down to Australia. I believe they send me thousands of miles out of the way as the journey will take 54 days and 18 hours and cover 13,910 miles. I decided that if I'm going to kayak, I will depart from Carmel after a nice lunch at The Grill and kayak straight to Hawaii where I will rest at a luxury hotel for a couple days before kayaking to Australia. I figure that with all the money I will save on airfare I can afford nice hotel accommodations.

Thanks, Kathleen for such a lovely treat and the fun it gave me.

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