The Membership Card

I previously mentioned joining the Letter Writer's Alliance and, happily, I received my membership card today.  My life has been a flurry of activity lately and I have felt somewhat off balance being out of my comfy routine. In the midst of the flurry with many things on my mind I filed away the fact that I had joined the Alliance. So, it was with some surprise that I opened my mail box today to find an envelope addressed to me in my own writing.  It was, of course, from the Letter Writers Alliance and contained a short letter of welcome and my membership card. I am once again enjoying the same happiness I initially felt when I sent $3 off to Chicago to join this grand institution. I'm not quite sure why things like this tickle me pink but they do and it somehow makes me feel a little more oriented. Now to sit down and read my mail. Finally, an evening at home with paper and pen. Bliss.

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