An Envelope to Love

Many letter writing blogs are oriented more toward the adornment of a letter rather than the writing of a letter. Mail art seems to be a growing hobby and much of mail artists' work is very creative. I enjoy visiting such blogs and seeing what people are creating. A couple mail art blogs you may enjoy if you haven't discovered them already are The Missive Maven and Piccadilly Post. I wonder if those people who write letters just happen to be the same set of people who like creating things. If not all letter writers are creative, then surely most of them are. A letter is a creation after all and a well written letter (as well as a nicely adorned letter or envelope) can be a work of art.
Picture And so I want to show off an envelope I got this week. Marian likes mail art and she sent me a letter in this handmade envelope which needed no extra adornment. I appreciate this envelope because I occasionally make envelopes myself and know both the time and pleasure involved. This envelope makes me happy to look at and I think i will leave it out as decoration. Perhaps it will even inspire me to make more envelopes of my own. Now that I'm thinking of it, envelope making is a behind the scenes part of letter writing I miss and would like to get back to. Let the quest for paper begin!

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