From Anna

I wrote a letter today to the lovely Anna. You'll remember her as the English lady with the elegant handwriting from the last post.

Anna sent a few enclosures with her letter. One was a postcard of the River Wye. Being from central California which is hot and dry in the summer, I dream of places that are cool, wet and green. Throw in some old churches and a castle or two and to me it sounds like paradise.

Also included with the letter is this quote by Liza Minnelli. We can all appreciate Ms. Minelli's lament that before long no one will have a bunch of letters from a loved one they can tie up with a blue ribbon. It seems that everyone loves to get letters but no one wants to take the time to send one. I exaggerate, of course, knowing that you, Dear Readers, write letters.

And finally, the sticker on the back of the envelope says it all and has been adopted as my new motto. "A Letter is Better." Indeed it is!

Thank you, Anna, for the beautiful letter. My letter to you will go out in tomorrow's mail. 

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