To the Post Office in Haste

I commonly experience the phenomenon of missing time. Does this happen to you? Typically the missing time scenario follows the pattern of 1) make a plan to carry out a desired task, 2) embark on task, 3) remember something else that needs doing, 4) "quickly" accomplish the other thing so task can be carried out with singleness of mind not distracted by the thing remembered, 5) repeat steps 3 and 4 several times, 6) finally come back round to the original task only to realize the time is much later than it was just a few minutes ago.

And so it happened that I rushed to the post office ten minutes before closing time so I could send off a letter to Kathleen. Some letters just seem to take longer to write than others and she has been waiting for a while now for my response. With extra pages and an enclosure I wanted to take this one to the post office for mailing in case extra postage was required. When I got there the postal clerk, who is normally at ease and always pleasantly smiling, seemed as though she too had been in a rush. She gave the impression that a small whirlwind of some sort had blown through and though she probably wasn't suffering from missing time, she admitted to being glad it was closing time.

It seems that in this letter writing adventure I will always have room for improvement. I hope that over time not only will my letters become more conversational, more enjoyable to read, and generally more worthy of keeping, I also hope to improve greatly in the discipline of sitting down, writing, and putting a letter in the mail. It sounds so simple, doesn't it? Now to sit down and read the letters I found in my mail box today. But first, just one more thing....

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