I received this postcard from Limner Cade recently and somehow this image made me travel back in time to my college days. I identified both its seriousness and monochromatic scheme with the melancholia that marked my life in those days. I loved black and white photos back then and I still do. In college, though, I did a great deal of drawing and even after college when I took up an interest in drawing portraits I preferred working from black and white pictures because they gave an excellent standard against which to compare my work. I do not draw anymore as children derailed a few of my hobbies and now creativity works its way out in other directions like reacquainting myself with calligraphy; also something I liked way back when.

(I was going to post a picture I had drawn of my daughter but it's gone AWOL. I put it in a safe place a couple weeks ago when I cleaned out a cupboard and now I may never see it again. *sigh* So, friends, I give you half a post. Today I found the perfect paper for making envelopes and tomorrow I'll sit down to make some. I'll post pictures soon!)

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