Feeling Thankful

I am feeling thankful for so many things. I'm thankful for a small town with a small post office that is rarely crowded. It is a pleasant place. I am thankful that though I live in a small town I have contact with the world through letters. I love opening the mail box and finding mail from distant places whether across the country or across the world. I enjoy reading about your daily lives. Stories of the ordinary are elevated to grand events by a letter.

I am thankful the interaction and the inspiration I get through letters. I am learning from you how to be a better correspondent, a better conversationalist. I am thankful for civility and hope to be always as civil and gracious as you are.

I am also thankful for receiving my first Christmas present in the mail and the challenge it gave me to get into gear, Dear. Oh my, a challenge to not procrastinate.... I don't have my Christmas cards ready yet and I've already received a present all the way from Australia which means Kathleen is inspiring me to plan ahead. Thank you, Kathleen! I put a letter to you in the mail today. (I think she's already figured out I'm not as on top of things as she is....)

And getting a little off topic, this was a nice surprise.

Remember this?

It now has a companion card...
only this one is from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Both cards are from the same person.  Not only do I wonder who the sender is, I wonder what ink this is. The shading and color are gorgeous! As a fountain pen user I can't help but wonder.
So, thank you! You made my day!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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