On the Seventh Day of Christmas

Well friends, it is the last day of AD 2011 and also the seventh day of Christmas. The first day of Christmas was full of rest, a snippet of peace on earth. I haven't posted regularly of late so I have some catching up to do and have a couple things to show you.

First, I received a card from the Anonymous Sender and have learned his identity. He's SANTA!! Oh my goodness, I had no idea. I also had no idea that Santa lived in Canada, but then, that makes more sense than for him to live with all those elves and their toy factory on an ice block in the Arctic. Thank you, Santa, you made my day!
Please excuse the cocoa smudge.

Below is the enclosed card. I immediately liked it for the colors and the style of painting but on closer inspection I liked it all the more when I noticed the cowboy holding a teddy bear. That's an unexpected twist to a rustic American theme.
I've also received a few notable envelopes lately. I enjoy making my own envelopes and I especially enjoy receiving handmade envelopes from others. Here is the front and back of an envelope made by our Limner. The shape is unique. With Limner's permission I'll brag about the content. It's quite impressive and can enjoy it's own post.
Love the stamps! And finally, a two in one picture below. The envelope on the left is from Marian whom you've met here before. She made this envelope from a magazine page. Why don't I think of these things? On the right is an envelope from my penpal Julie. She makes envelopes from children's story books. Inspired by her I actually found an excellent book at the thrift store to cut apart and make envelopes from but I couldn't bring myself to cut up the pages. I've thought of looking for an old atlas at the thrift shop but I might not be able to cut that up either. Next time I'm at the office supply store I will buy myself some labels so I can use any paper whatsoever and not worry about the visibility of the address. 
That's all for now. I have a couple letters to write before I'm off to the New Years Eve party and I also may just pull out the scissors and glue and satisfy the itch I now feel to make envelopes. Play time is surely a good way to end the year. :o)

Blessings to you all and a happy new year too!

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