Tis the Season

It is easy to let this time of year become a whirlwind of activity and an over the top spending spree. Every year I resist letting the usual multitude of social expectations get the best of me. In case you think I've been bitten by the bah hum bug, I haven't. It's simply that I am savoring Advent.
We all call this the Christmas season, unless we object to the word Christmas, then it's the Holiday season. Either way, the many glorious doings of December culminate on the 25th with Christmas day. That means, a month of preparation for a single day. I wonder, what ever happened to the twelve days of Christmas? The Christmas season begins, not ends on the 25th yet many of us toss out our trees on the 26th. Until the 25th, or the eve of, I mean for my focus to be on taking inventory of my life. Sure, there are preparations to be made and cards to send, but I don't want that to be the main thing. In taking inventory I am realizing there are ways in which I need to reorient or refocus myself.

I sat this evening working on my woodblock print and it was not only productive, but also a good time for thinking. I've been hoping to have this project done in time to make Christmas cards to mail in a week or two...and there's still time...maybe...but remembering the twelve days of Christmas added nearly two extra weeks to my schedule. What a relief! So, assuming with God's help, this print (my very first) turns out acceptable enough to send to someone, and you get one from me on January 5th, it is NOT late! 

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