All Caught Up

I am, at the moment, all caught up on letter writing. I can now go to the post office with confidence. I've been delaying picking up my mail for fear that doing so would complicate the feeling of being behind on correspondence, a feeling akin to the sensation of sinking. But now, at the start of the new year, I am all caught up and ready for more letters. I look forward to a new year and new letter friends and I anticipate great enjoyment in getting to know you better.

Also for this year I mean to get back into the practice of sending birthday and other cards. Conversational letters has been my focus this past year but now it's time to reacquaint myself with the greeting card and committing random acts of mail. What fun this year will hold. I have a stack of wonderful cards to send to unsuspecting friends this year. I'll show them to you another day and probably throughout the year as I use them.

Now, pick up that pen and have a great letter day!

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