It's Finished

It's finished! I have moved my things into my new desk and I am tickled pink.
I feel so much more organized than I did just two hours ago...what a relief! To celebrate, I bought myself my own scissors that will live in the upper left drawer. I should have purchased a chain to attach it with. The pictures were taken on my cell phone because my camera is still AWOL and a considerable amount of beauty is lost so please use your rose colored glasses for viewing.

I have plans for the cubby holes. Until now my cards have been living in an old but very cool picnic basket that I found at the thrift store years ago. Wouldn't you know it, but when I pulled things out to move them to their new home I found a stash of note cards buried at the bottom and forgotten about; what a happy surprise.

You can see them in the top center. Among the cards are some Crane & Co. notes which are a delight to use because they feel so luxurious. When I started focusing on writing letters my practice of sending short notes slipped away. This is something I have been meaning to return to.

As you can imagine, I am floating on cloud nine.  Mr. Duffy is likely tiring of my constant chattering about how wonderful his gift is but he will have to bear with me for a little longer.

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