Recently in the Mail...and Other Things

I continue to receive lovely letters in the mail and have some interesting conversations in the works. All mail conversation interests me and I enjoy the variety of conversations but I find that the liveliest conversation comes from disagreements. Disagreement is enjoyable so long as it remains cordial. I'm not exactly sure why this is. Why should sparring be fun? Perhaps because it's not the usual course of things, not for me anyway. Most people in my set of friends share my views and attitudes for the most part; perhaps that's why we wound up in the same circles. Add to that a polite avoidance of issues that might bring us into conflict and there's very little to argue about. That can be a little dull sometimes, I admit. Perhaps the desire to avoid conflict is why women talk so much of recipes and current sales (hmmm). So, when a philosophical argument comes along it's a fun long as it remains cordial, of course.

I'd like to show you a couple fun enclosures I received recently.
         I usually don't share the inside of letters but since this one is either completely blank or written in invisible ink I thought sharing would be okay. I know Noodler's Ink makes an invisible ink that can be seen under ultraviolet light but since I don't have a UV light I can't know if this is a secret message or simply a nice piece of paper.

It came in this envelope:

This picture and quote humored me. It was sent to me by Marian. Thanks Sweetie!

Happy frogs!

Finally, my happy news for the week is that my desk has arrived earlier than expected. It is beautiful and needs finishing. Mr. Duffy has given the young Mr. Duffys the task of sanding. Hopefully this weekend it will be ready for staining. I can't wait!

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