A New Goal

I have set a new goal
and have taken steps to accomplish it. The last few weeks I have been reflecting on my life and in particular, the error of my ways. I have intended to recover the practice of sending cards, but being the Queen of Good Intentions, intending to do anything is quite easy. I am expert at good intentions. Good deeds, however, require effort...and a plan. So, Dear Reader, I have set a card writing goal. My goal is to mail at least one note of encouragement per week. With the aid of my trusty Rhodia Weekly Planner I have mapped out my card writing agenda for the next month. I feel so organized and simply writing names in my calendar makes me feel I have already accomplished something...but then so does inventing a good intention. For added measure I have pre-addressed the envelopes and placed them in my planner at the appointed week. I know this must sound like a spontaneity killer...and I do encourage spontaneous acts of mail...but everything else I deem important is not left to the whims of spontaneity; why should letter writing or card sending? No, it is time for a disciplined approach to accompany, and maybe even train, my whims. All is prepared; now to think fond thoughts of my friends and write those blessings down. I do hope I make their day.

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