Good Mail Day Part 2

How could I have forgotten? In the midst of mail and a bonsai tree I had forgotten about another pick up notice which had led to a large envelope. I had gotten a letter from Kathleen and read it right away whilst forgetting about the said large envelope, also from Kathleen. (Really, I sometimes call myself the Queen of Distraction.) After writing those two catch up letters I saw the envelope and of course, tore into it immediately. This is what I found inside.

A birthday present! Kathleen is one of those "on top of birthdays and anniversaries" people I so admire but can't compete with. See what's inside:

Hummingbird paper, stationery goodies, and a cross stitch kit! Now it's play time and I know what paper I will use to write her back. What an unexpected blessing! Thank you, Kathleen!!!

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