Good Mail Day

I've had a good mail day...even though I broke a resolution. I have resolved to reply to all letters before checking my box again. This policy has done wonders for keeping me on track. Nobody went to the door when the postman knocked today so he left one of those little orange slips for my son notifying him of a package to be picked up at the post office. On arriving home he had to do his quick dash routine once again and asked if I might collect his parcel. It was a bonsai tree and as he would be gone the entire weekend it shouldn't be left at the post office. I agreed as was the motherly thing to do so of course I had to check my box even though I still had two more letters to write.

Amid this stack is a six page typed letter; a rare thing indeed. The little clip board has a postal theme. It was part of a birthday gift from a girlfriend and even though the purple paper is actually a "to do list" I have been using it as stationery. My small back log is clipped in to be the priority mail. The rest of the after noon will be spent writing letters. I am making the tea right now. Please, make tea, sit down, and write a letter with me. 

Here it is. Tea and Bonsai. Now to keep it alive until my son returns...and to write letters!

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