Letter Crossing

I'm interested in letter writing practices of years gone by and I can't help but share examples of letter crossing I find. This example was written by Charles Darwin and I am humored by his complaint that he's dying by inches from not having any body to talk to about insects. I can at least make out that one line. Read it if you can, but you might find it slow going. Perhaps you'll want to settle in with a cup of tea first. Enjoy this piece of epistolary history.


  1. Insects...upon my word...I must strike up a conversation with this gentleman...post haste!

    Lady Pamela

  2. Yea! I'm able to read your blog again. And leave comments. I empathize with Mr. Darwin. Well, I lament long and hard about my lack of peers on subjects that are dear to me.

    I cannot help but wonder why more men have poor penmanship.

  3. Sorry. I'm reading his letter and my heart almost breaks. He said " . . . my only reason for writing is to remove a heavy weight from my mind. I know you must understand ____ you will perceive before you come to the end of this that I am writing merely for my own pleasure not yours. I have . . .

    He writes about "entomology, however capture a few insects, about _____ I am much interested." He speaks of "illegible" since I left Cambridge in every . . . The rest is missing.

    He goes on to say, "My sister has ? rough drawings of three of them.

    Wow!. I wish the words on the right side of the letter hadn't been omitted.

    Crossed, it reads, "I should not send them very _________. Only I am very anxious to get more crumbs of information about yourself and the insects.

    Believe me my dear one.

    Your ____ sincerely
    Charles Darwin.

    Where did you find this dear letter??? I love it. Thanks for sharing. I will try to piece together the entire letter now. This is so much fun.

    1. Limner, I linked the picture to the Twitter source but was unable to go further than that. I found it very hard to read. Thank you for filling in so much. That really is a heart felt letter...it really grips one. As for men and their penmanship, there's no accounting for it but likelyhood that they generally invest their interest elsewhere...like in insects.

  4. Letter on its way to you Mrs Duffy. Cheers


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