Staying in Touch

A pen pal kindly sent me a book by Jennifer Williams titled, "The Pleasures of Staying in Touch." It is one of the better books on letter writing I own. I read it a little here and a little there and always feel afterwards that I have gained something. The focus of the book is not so much on practical advice (though it's a good source for that) but on maintaining relationships through letters. The jewel of an idea that I gleaned today is that a letter doesn't have to follow set rules but pleasure in writing comes from sharing the moment and coloring it with your mood. I have received such letters and they're delightful. If you have also you know the sort. They flow freely, creating pictures of the world, events, and emotions all the while giving insight into the personality and character of the writer. It's a high ideal but I hope that with practice I too will be able to craft such letters one day. 
"It is cold tonight, but the thought of you is so warm, that as I sit by the fireside, and am never cold any more. I love to write to you--it gives my heart a holiday and sets the bells to ringing." -- Emily Dickenson

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