Celebratory Tea

I often drink a cup of tea while writing letters to pen friends. There are two reasons for this. The first is that ritual increases enjoyment. The second (this one ranks highest in my mind) is that a cup of tea adds to the feeling of having a conversation. It's as though I'm sitting in the same room drinking tea with my correspondent. Special occasions call for special things. The lovely friend I was writing to had told me in her letter of the arrival of three new grand-babies. Now that is cause for joy. This occasioned my special tea cup sent me some time ago from Anna. Not only does my special cup serve in celebration but it serves also as a reminder of the giver. 

I've introduced Anna to you before and I am excited to also introduce to you her new blog, Billet Doux & Little Mercuries. I find it to be a warm and pleasant place conducive to inspiration and a cup of tea. So please, pay Anna a visit then put on the kettle and write letters!

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