Thinking of You Mail

I received a Thinking of You card. Proof was though a card wasn't enough! Look at this stash of goodies. How can I compete with this? I'm going to have to learn origami or something. 

Since getting this card last week I've received some bad news. My dad has cancer. At this point we have more questions than answers so we await tests, wrestle him to doctor appointments, hope, pray, and wait some more. In the mean time I wrote letters today. As I melted sealing wax for my envelopes I thought about going to the post office and felt brighter at the prospect of finding mail there; happy mail with or without a treasure trove of enclosures but written, handled and sealed by a friendly hand with kind intentions. That's one thing I like about pen-palling. There's always the kind human touch when you need it.


  1. Goodness! I did not recognize my own handiwork. How pathetic am I? LOL.

    Oh, dear, I just read about your dad. I added a prayer to the many that have gone up in his name. Quieten your mind. And be still for a while.

  2. Praying for you. Thanks for your beautiful letter....a thoughtful reply will be on the way soon!

  3. my dear I just read where your dear father has the cancer . My father died last year from the cancer . I will lift him up in pryer .

    1. Thank you, phonelady. I just now saw your comment. I appreciate your prayers and am thankful for all such aid. I'm so sorry to hear about our dad. Cancer makes for a rough time but I look for grace in the midst of it.


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