A Sane Moment

Yesterday both my afternoon events were canceled. Can you imagine my relief at that moment of realization when I became aware that a full day had just become a quiet day?  Probably not fully. In a moment I went from being pressed to having space. That stack of letters was no longer a thing on my to do list but became an invitation to conversation. I wrote to one friend, 
"Whenever I sit down for epistolary conversation I feel I'm in a very same moment."
Do you feel that way?  Isn't it lovely to turn off everything else and converse with a friend.  I think it is. The more challenging everything around me becomes the more lovely and sane that letter times becomes. In our hectic world we need more of that quiet, sane space. If possible, cancel the chaos, sit down, and write a letter. If things in your life really do feel like chaos, write to God. He may just be waiting to hear from you. You'll be glad you did.

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