Envelope Making...The Easy Way

I have posted before about making envelopes. It's something I have done for several years now and I like being able to turn whatever kind of paper suits me into a jacket for my letters so that they're dressed up and ready to go. In the past I have disassembled an envelope, traced a template from it and then used the template and a pencil to make an envelope from my paper of choice. Recently I found a template online and I'm sold on it (that is if one can be sold on something that's free). I include the link here for you should you like to try it yourself. It's a very simple envelope with straight lines, no fancy scissors maneuvers and a straight flap.

I loaded the printer with my stationery paper, printed ten templates, then got the ambitious idea of cutting out not two, but three at a time. In very little time I had thirty envelopes. I felt like a regular factory and found the efficiency of it to be satisfying.  The one downside is that one in three envelopes has black lines on the inside. These are not obvious from the outside, however. I encourage you envelope makers to give it a try. I hope you are as pleased as I am.

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