The Benefits of Doodling

Jan over at Of Bibles, Books and Letters.... posted a link to an interesting article on the benefits doodling. As a form of note taking doodling creates associations between pictures and ideas which later are more easily remembered. Not much of a doodler myself I prefer the traditional method of writing notes. I may have to learn a new trick. Doodling does sound appealing. I think I'll give it a try.

You can read the article for yourself here.


  1. Not much of a doodler??? I thought everyone doodled. It's not a conscious reflex. :)

    Have you heard of this?


    1. I hadn't heard of it. I'll check it out. I thought compulsively jotting down notes in word form was an unconscious reflex.... Kinda like doodling :)

  2. What a lovely web site re: Homegrown Hospitality. Thank yoy so much for sharing.


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