A Jaw Dropping Letter Day

Yesterday was an exceptionally interesting (is it Christmas already?) mail day. I am interested in history and am partial to all things Christendom. Knowing this, Lennart sent me my very first byzantine coin! Can you believe it??? I was stunned. I haven't written so much as a thank you card yet as I've spent my time staring at this beautiful piece of antiquity. It was minted during the reign of Romanus III nearly 1000 years ago. I had remarked that such a coin would make a great wax seal but now that I have a coin of my own I'm not sure I can bring myself to torture it with hot wax. But really, it's survived a thousand years and 5400 miles worth of postal equipment, how fragile can it be?

The image is of Christ. Is that better than "In God We Trust" or what? (No, I'm not entering into debate about whether an image or reference to God should be put on currency. Just let me enjoy the excitement of the moment.)

On the other side is IS-XS BAS-ILE BAS-ILE to left and right above and below cross. It means Jesus Christ King of Kings.

Now for Christmas present number two. Is this or is this not enjoyable wrapping? How fitting for the fun gift inside.

Some of you have received a letter from me written with a dip pen. Now Limner has graciously given me a feather pen of my own. Instructions for cutting quills can be found online. In fact, I just found a clear set of instructions at Instructables.com. Mr. Duffy has one of those X-acto sort of knives in his tool box and I know of a good feather source for practicing. There's always the metal nib until I perfect the art...or at least become fairly competent with a knife.

Maybe I can get a few flamboyant pens from this guy.

I think I have just started a couple new hobbies: Ancient coins and quill pens. If I fail to exercise self-restraint Mr. Duffy will be locking away my credit card away soon. 

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