Quill Pens and Blueberry Ink

My inky adventures have taken a new turn thanks to Limner who sent me a quill pen. The set has a metal sleeve and nib to attach to the quill. She commented that should I like to cut the quill I could find a video online and find one I did. I have since been happily gathering what feathers I can find at my uncle's and practicing my new craft. He keeps peacocks and hens which produce perfect quills for my purpose. Once I was confident in what I was doing I cut the quill she sent me. That one is a keeper.


Not satisfied with merely cutting quills I also learned how to make blueberry ink. There was a video for that too. Nearly anything one wants to learn can be found on YouTube. It's remarkable.

It is very likely that your next letter from me will be written with a quill pen and homemade ink. I just can't seem to restrain myself as there is too much enjoyment involved.

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