Christmas Hearts

Have you seen these hearts?

Years ago at the church I grew up in we had a certain pastor whose wife was from Norway. Her name was Tone. One year as Christmas approached and it came time to decorate the church the adults decorated the foyer and sanctuary while the kids went to the basement with Tone where she taught us to make these paper hearts. I've enjoyed making them ever since and my tree has never been without them.

One reason I share this with you is because they make wonderful letter/Christmas card enclosures.

I found a couple places that offer tutorials. The first place is Gingerbread Snowflakes. Don't you love the name? This site teaches you to make them without a template and gives very clear instructions. The second site is a crafter's forum which offers several printable templates. I used two of their templates on these hearts. You can't see it well in the picture but the heart on the left has a star in the center. I like to use shiny wrapping paper. The star on the right is made with wrapping paper and copy paper. Any paper will do, really, though some papers may be easier than others to work with.

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