Rainy Mail Day

It's a rainy Saturday here in Central California. Thanks be to God, we have had a wet autumn; the first in years. I'm praying for several wet years. After a prolonged drought we have a lot of catching up to.

There is something about a rainy Saturday that makes me want to stay in my pajamas...at least for a while. The morning called for coffee and reading. The afternoon called for more coffee and letter writing. I'd say this day has been just about perfect. From my writing chair I took a picture of the hummingbird that keeps visiting. A friend of mine assures me that hummingbirds are terrible little creatures with a mean streak but I can't help but like them. They're amazing little things and can actually fly backwards.

My Mystery Mailer mails again. That's the name I've given him. I'm not 100% certain the mailer is a he, I just have that impression from the handwriting.  This time from Paris. 

I would love to see Notre-Dame. Mr. Duffy has but I have not yet had the pleasure. Perhaps one day.

I have yet to read this letter. I first had to take a picture of it. The letters from this particular correspondent always give me pleasure. Not only is she a wonderful conversationalist but her handwriting is gentle and inviting. The string tied adds to the anticipation that this letter has special content. I will need a cup of tea for this one. 

My writing chair calls so I'm off to make tea and open my treasure. I'm looking forward to this!

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