Ready For Spring

Spring has arrived here in central California. Orchards are coming into bloom, the sun is shining,  and the weather is beautiful. There's nothing like sunshine and blossoms to lift one's spirits. After months of winter (allegorical winter) I am ready for spring. Every year I feel a certain lightness of heart at spring's advent but this year it is particularly welcome. 

A change of season calls for a change of ink. I'm ready for happy ink.

I went to the mailbox yesterday, something I hadn't done in a while. I had been anticipating a certain letter and was not disappointed. I don't post pictures of my conversations but as this example was previously shown on Twitter by its author I will take the liberty of showing it here. Though it is not the very same letter I received, the effect is the same and you can imagine my enjoyment in reading it. Letter-crossing was a money saving practice of the 19th century when both postage and paper were expensive.

Now letter-crossing, also called cross-hatching, is done for the enjoyment of both the writer and the reader. Thank you, So-Jin!


  1. spring weather is always welcome and I just planted my lettuce yesterday while it is still cool . Lettuce is a cool weather crop and I'm praying it will come up because lettuce is so costly here .

  2. Having read this post, I am considering, for the first time, an ink dedicated for use over this Lent.

    Whilst there is no need for letter-crossing, and cursive at that, in this age of digital communication, I recognise the importance of keeping up the tradition - it makes us more human.

    1. The idea that tradition works to restore our humanity strikes a chord with me. I've never dedicated a particular ink to Lent but I like the idea. Cactus Fruit doesn't seem very Lenten. Perhaps one of the new inks I have on the way would be more suitable. Wood Violet will undoubtedly be liturgically correct :)

  3. I do like the shade of Cactus Fruit (and what a wonderful name).


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