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The advent of spring inevitably sparks in me the desire for cheerful ink which inevitably spurs me on to load my pen with Noodler's Cactus Fruit Eel. A pen friend once described it as "candy purple." That name suits it well.  As you know, I've already loaded my pen with Candy Purple and after seeing a few green reviews on The Fountain Pen Network I have settled on buying a green ink. Green is a new ink color for me. All the color families, even orange, have been represented on my ink shelf for years now save for green. Anderson Pens has their own line of inks on sale right now so I bought their Green Bay AND Wood Violet. Why not save on shipping by buying two bottles at once? They're on sale after all. Anyway, that's what I shall tell Mr. Duffy  if he should ask if I really need that much ink. I have no experience with this brand name (made by Scribal Workshop) but the reviews were all favorable and I judge the risk to my inky happiness to be minimal. 

In the meantime I have purchased green cartridges locally (Private Reserve Cadillac Green if you must know) to satisfy my green craving while I await delivery of the bottles. To add frosting to the cake I also ordered an Atelier Gargoyle sealing wax stick in lime green from Goulet. Inky anticipations are running high. Reviews to follow soon.


  1. I was once told that the colour green is favoured by crazy people. Since then, I seem to have acquired a healthy collection of green inks. Welcome to the world of greens, they seem to relax my eyes.

    1. Thank you. Green is the color of life but as an ink it will take some getting used to. I think I can adapt though :)


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