A New Habit, Hopefully

Let's face it, habits take time to form and f they're good habits they take no time at all to break. Writing a letter every day (almost--I confess I missed a Sunday that I didn't make up for) I had responded to all my incoming mail and needed someone new to write to. I decided that I would send letters to people I had interacted with in some way. One of those letters when to an old friend with whom I had afternoon coffee. Being not just a long-time friend but a truly old friend I knew that in her younger years writing letters was a regular part of life and that she would probably welcome a handwritten note of appreciation. I have resolved to send such letters to those I spend time with to let them know I appreciate them and that being out of sight does not put them out of mind. I hope to develop a habit of this practice and to be a kinder person for it. 

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