A Word of Encouragement

Many of us have accepted the challenge to write a letter everyday during Letter Writing Month. We're in the tail end of the month now and having benefited from this challenge I wanted to share a few of my thoughts. 

  • Writing is a discipline. Sure, it's great when inspiration happens but if we wait upon inspiration we will be irregular writers at best. Pick up the pen, set your mind to the conversation at hand and inspiration will follow.
  • Letters are best written one at a time not in bunches when we're in a rush to catch up. 
  • From discipline comes an enjoyable rhythm. Knowing that after dinner I will write a letter I can throughout the day enjoy the anticipation of writing that letter and develop thoughts about it before I sit down to write.
  • Having writing time set aside adds half an hour of quiet to the day. Silence is even more a lost art than is letter writing. 
  • Attitude is everything. Here I will pass on an encouraging word from Southern Dreaming:
As Annie Dillard once said, "People deserve inordinacy." Take your time and enjoy your people. Don't pressure yourself.
Every letter has a recipient and that recipient is a person. Giving them your best won't happen in a rush to crank out yet another letter. Savor the conversation. Enjoy it. Writing should be pleasure not a chore. If writing is a pleasure your letter will more likely be a pleasure to read. 

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