Letter Writing Month Day 1

My goal for this month is to write a letter per day. Now that I've told you about it I'll have to carry through.

My first letter is one to Kathleen that needs to be finished. It is oh so common for me to start a letter, set it down to do something as innocent as refill my coffee cup, and then to be distracted from it entirely for a couple days. I'm sure that hasn't happened to any of you. Getting back to the abandoned letter I began to tell her what I have been up to lately only to glance back and find I was repeating myself.

Perhaps I ought to amend my goal to include a "finish in one sitting" clause.

Letter written I realized I was out of envelopes so in haste I crafted a couple. This letter might not count for today unless it is signed, sealed, and stamped.

For a single day I have been successful in accomplishing my goal. I mean to do the same tomorrow. With enough successful and successive days I will soon catch up on correspondence.

Need writing inspiration? Write On has compiled a list of reasons to write. Thanks, Anna, for the link!

Now go write a letter!

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