Letter Writing Month Day 3

I'm three for three and feeling optimistic. Today's letter is going to Julie in Massachusetts. I wrote about the beautiful spring day we had to day. It made me feel especially springy. A lady at church even commented on my extra perk. Then I consulted google to learn what kind of weather Westford, Massachusetts had today and learned that it was 30°Fahrenheit. I could hardly believe it so I consulted The Weather Channel. They confirmed what Google said. It's April for heaven's sake. In a few short weeks we will have really hot weather here. 

I may be weather spoiled here in California but I appreciate the beauty of the east coast. I found some pretty pictures of Westford. What a lovely place it is.

It may be cold there but they have beautiful old buildings and GREEN. Two things sorely lacking in my part of the country.  But then no town in California was incorporated in 1729.

Thanks to the United States Postal Service I can have physical contact with someone in a far different place than my own. That is something the internet can't give. I'm feeling particularly appreciative of the postal service today.

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