Letter Writing Month Day 9

What a full day! I didn't get off to an early start...it is Saturday after all. Saturday is usually catch up day. I won't profess to have done everything I needed to do, but I did write a letter. Some people have an encouraging way about them and a letter from them is bound to be filled with good cheer. Lin is that way. There's just a goodness about her letters (and I like her purple ink too). I don't know that my return letter will be as encouraging as hers but if it is by half I will be content. I hope that I can emulate for others the best of what my pen friends have offered me. 

Have your correspondents helped shape the way you write letters? I believe mine have but that topic requires a bit of thought and must wait for another day. 


  1. Purple ink is always fun! :) My correspondents definitely have changed the way I write letters. A few years ago I started writing in cursive again because of my penpal Rusty. Content-wise as well, I certainly write to different people in different ways. I try to keep most of my letters upbeat, but there are a couple penpals I have that I feel fine complaining to. Haha.

    1. Indeed! Each conversation has a life of its own and is colored with with a different set of pencils...if you'll allow me to mix metaphors :)


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