Letter Writing Month Day 2

It's day two and I'm undaunted. Okay, that's no great feat, I admit it, but I've written two letters in two days and this means that so far my resolve is firm and I am successful. Just let me enjoy it. I can't say I'm confident about day 25 but so far so good.

Today's letter is written to Jan in Apple Valley. These California letters don't have that far to travel and should I succeed in having it in Monday's mail (...sounds easy, right?) she should receive it Wednesday. Should.

Today I used my standard Neenah Classic Laid Paper in Natural White (as always) and Anderson Pens' Wood Violet ink in my vintage Waterman Lady Patricia. I love that combination. To make it even better I happen to have a flower stamp that coordinates with it beautifully. I really must buy more of these stamps. They go with everything.

The picture doesn't do it justice. My pictures never do.

Aren't these stamps perfect for spring? I really do like them.

How is your month of letters venture going? Are you off to a good start?

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