Letter Writing Month Days 4 and 5

Day four didn't get by me without a letter written. Yesterday's letter went to Lynette. Not only had she written a letter to Mr. Duffy and I back in January she took time out of her work day to attend my fathers funeral though she had never met him personally. It's shameful that it took me this long to write back but I'm glad I did.  I hope she appreciates Private Reserve Cadillac Green Ink. Somehow green ink seemed imperative.

On day five I wrote a similar letter in that it is a response to a letter from a personal friend...or rather friends. Bruce and Helen are long-time friends and I received a condolence letter from them with the kindest expressions of sympathy. I feel all letters need a response and this was more than a card; it was a genuine letter which I was both surprised and delighted to receive. 

To whom shall I write tomorrow?  I don't know yet but I am enjoying the challenge of writing daily.

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