A Delightful Experience

Some letters are like hidden treasure. They give you the experience of unfolding or uncovering something hidden that is valuable. When you find such a letter in your mailbox you know it's going to be good. When you open the envelope it promises more than a letter. When you open the letter it's like a chest of gold. 

"Pineapple Feast." This letter really is a feast. Letters written slowly and thoughtfully usually are and this one holds some particularly precious thoughts of reflection on letter writing that I will ponder.

Not only was it wrapped in rice paper (I had never the pleasure of handling this unique paper before) it was locked as well. 

Once I broke the lock I found it was crossed. I showed it to Mr. Duffy and said, "Is this not a thing of beauty?" "It's a work of art," he said. Indeed it is.  I feel like a child who's discovered some rare object while digging in the back yard. But then a crossed and locked letter is a rare object. I am fully justified then in deeming this a treasure. I hope you will have such a happy letter experience, or better yet, give such an epistolary experience to someone who will really enjoy it. Now go write a letter!

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