A Delightful Experience

Some letters are like hidden treasure. They give you the experience of unfolding or uncovering something hidden that is valuable. When you find such a letter in your mailbox you know it's going to be good. When you open the envelope it promises more than a letter. When you open the letter it's like a chest of gold. 

"Pineapple Feast." This letter really is a feast. Letters written slowly and thoughtfully usually are and this one holds some particularly precious thoughts of reflection on letter writing that I will ponder.

Not only was it wrapped in rice paper (I had never the pleasure of handling this unique paper before) it was locked as well. 

Once I broke the lock I found it was crossed. I showed it to Mr. Duffy and said, "Is this not a thing of beauty?" "It's a work of art," he said. Indeed it is.  I feel like a child who's discovered some rare object while digging in the back yard. But then a crossed and locked letter is a rare object. I am fully justified then in deeming this a treasure. I hope you will have such a happy letter experience, or better yet, give such an epistolary experience to someone who will really enjoy it. Now go write a letter!


  1. What a double pleasure; beautifully wrapped and artfully written!

  2. Thank you for sharing this. Whilst there is no practical need for letter crossing thesedays, since the writer is responsible for the postage, the tradition of letter crossing must be acknowledged and continued as a part of our heritage.


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